ü  Are the selected topics of interest to all members?

  • Is the domain strategically relevant to the involved organizations?
  • Do all members have their own practice in the domain?

Members of a CoP


ü  Is the relevant experience on board?

ü  Is the heterogeneity of the members assured?

ü  Is the CoP open to new members?

Norms and rules


ü  Are roles and accountability defined in a common agreement?

  • Are both distant contacts and face-to-face meetings possible?
  • What is the balance between giving and taking among members?

Structure and



ü  Is the chosen structure clear and flexible enough?

ü  Are key roles in the core group defined, such as owner, manager, facilitator, and expert?

  • Is the step-by-step planning process open and transparent?

Flow of “energy”


ü  Do members care about common interests, commitment and trust?

  • Are there regular face-to-face events; celebrated (social) key moments?

ü  Is the history of the CoP alive and told to new members?



ü  Is there a common concern as a basis for producing tangible results?

ü  Do members get direct and practical benefits?

  • Are results officially recognized by the CoP members organizations?



ü  Do the members have a sufficient time budget for the CoP?

  • Are the member organizations willing to provide time and money?

ü  Is the facilitation attractive and stimulating?

Values in a CoP


  • Is listening to others a living virtue?

ü  Are members willing to give without immediate return?

ü  Is diversity in thinking and practice validated?